The Failure of Multiculturalism in the United States

I taught in the public schools for thirty years and Multiculturalism in the schools was an attempt to create respect for other cultures around the world. If you read this blog about Multiculturalism, you will learn why it isn’t working. The neo-conservative political alliance with conservative evangelicals have done all they can to sink this attempt to learn about other cultures and respect them for their differences.

The radical right has demonized Multiculturalism in the public schools as they have demonized the word liberal. The motivation for this is because they believe they can rebuild the world to be a mirror image of American neo-conservative, Christian values through the use of war induced nation building. Anyone who disagrees is considered a godless liberal.

Visiting a minority area in southeast China. These women never cut their hair. They even weave back in the hair that falls out.

When we hear attacks on China in the media or from American politicians (from both the radical right or liberal left) for violations of human rights, what does that mean? Sometimes those criticisms are justified when dictators like Kim Jong-il in North Korea abuses his power.  However, when a country is doing something that could be explained through the context of the culture, it may not be a violation of human rights. Americans should know more before passing judgment.

Discover Sinophobia and the Nation With the Soul of a Church


Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too. 

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6 Responses to The Failure of Multiculturalism in the United States

  1. mike white says:

    White liberals, Marxist & Zionist are destroying the Western World.

    Sometimes you have to speak the truth no matter how much the truth hurts since multiculturalism is a cancer!

    • Mike White,

      People who preach multiculturalism are hypocrites. There is no real multiculturalism going on in the world. Most of these people are “noise” only and have no real power.

      You sound as if you are a racist. White liberals are a small segment of the population. The power among most Caucasians is in the hard-core conservative evangelical movement in the US, which is probably the foundation of the Tea Party movement.

      Marxism is gone and dead. It failed in Russia and never really existed in China. In China, they had Maoism. Mao was more of a nationalist than a Marxist and when Mao died his brand of Maoist revolutionary Communism went with him. Deng Xiaoping’s people swept the Maoist leadership off the stage and launched China’s capitalist revolution. Even Cuba is moving away from Marxism.

      As far as Zionists are concerned, they are a very small segment of the world’s population and most of their supporters are evangelical Christians hoping to bring on the end of days by supporting Israel and rebuilding the Temple as the Bible predicts. North Korea and Iran are a larger danger than Israel and its supporters. All Israel wants it to be left alone, which fundamentalist Islam is not going to allow since they have sworn to destroy Israel, which is the reason why Israel defends itself.

      The most dangerous groups in the world are hard-right conservative evangelical Christians (Christian fundamentalism); American neo-conservatives who want to rebuilt the world in the American democratic image, and Islamic fundamentalism. North Korea and Iran are dangerous but are small compared to the real threat to harmony and peace in the world.

      White liberals, Marxists and Zionists are either outdated or too insignificant to destroy the world. Instead, I suggest that your type of thinking is more dangerous because you give life to ghosts and myths.

      In fact, Mike White may be 80 or 90 years old and hasn’t been keeping up with history.

      • Michael White says:

        Diversity is a weakness. Go google Frankfurt School.

        Between 1976-2005, blacks made up 13% of the US population, but committed 59% of felony murders. Overall, blacks are 9 times more likely to commit murder than whites.
        Source: US DOJ

        Black police officers organizing gang rapes of white men in South Africa.

        Horror stories are emerging from South Africa about the gang rape of white men in police holding cells. White men are arrested for crimes such as “speeding,” or “witnessing a crime.” They are placed in a holding cell with hardened black crimes. They are brutally gang raped by the black criminals, often with black police officers egging them on. The white victims are then released without being charged with any crime. Several white victims have sued police departments, but nothing has happened yet.

        The following piece was written by Gayton McKenzie, a black gang member in South Africa, and published in a research paper at the University of Pretoria. He describes a young, skinny white male who is being held for Marijuana use. Source.

      • Michael,

        And what you describe happening in South Africa is different from US prisions HOW? From what I’ve read, what you descibe works for American prisions too, which is why if you go to prision in America you must have the protection of the prison gang that has the same color skin that you have, which doesn’t protect you from being raped by someone of the same race as you.

        In fact, America, the land of the free (how ironic), has more people in prison than any country on earth. China, which holds second place for people in prison, with almost five times the populaton has half the number of people in prison. American prisons are so over crowded there’s a debate going on of how to solve the problem.

        Also, if you are ill with a terminal illness and don’t have the money to pay for medical attention, go out and rob a bank and once you are in prision, the medical care is free no matter what the patient needs.

        Then there are the streets gangs in America’s cities. Los Angeles has over 100,000 street gang members but only 10,000 police. There are Latino gangs, white gangs, black gangs, Asian gangs–you name it. Then there are mixed race gangs. There are areas in most US cities that if you have the wrong color skin, you better not drive down those streets even in daylight.

        Many inner city schools have there own police force on campus. When the students arrive at school, they must walk through a metal detector to see who might have a weapon of some kind and that doesn’t stop kids from having weapons on campus. All a kid has to do is slip the weapon under the fence then retrieve it once he or she is on campus.

  2. Mike White says:

    China needs to teach all the subhuman white liberals a lesson. Multiculturalism is a freaking cancer. China will rule the 21st century. AMEN!

    • Mike White,

      “Subhuman white liberals” (Mike White’s words not mine—I call that segment of America “far left American idealists”—the ones that believe everyone is equal even if we need laws to make it so) are only half the problem.

      The other half of the problem comes from extremists of the far-right conservative (shaky) alliance between evangelical Christians, the Tea Party and neoconservatives. As far as China is concerned, both the far-right and far-left are in the same boat. After we subtract the extremists from both ends, there still about a quarter to a third of Americans that may have enough of an open mind to learn about the real China instead of the Sinophobe stereotype. This group is the one that swings elections in the US one way or the other depending on what lies they believe during elections.

      The best way for China to teach anyone a lesson outside China is to become the largest economy in the world and finish the job that was started in the earthly 1980s by continuing to educated and improve the lifestyles of as many Chinese as possible. When most rural Chinese are literate, educated and live in good housing with modern conveniences, that goal will have been reached. Then China’s growth to modernize and educate as many as possible will stabilize and be maintained while the Chinese look for other areas to excel in like the exploration and exploitation of the moon and the planets.

      However, China will fall again as it has in the past just as all civilizations do. There never has been a powerful civilization that survived forever. When that happens depends on China’s current government. They may last another fifty years to a century or another five hundred.

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