Four Equals One China—Rural China (Part 4 of 7)

May 16, 2010

It is estimated that 57% (741 million) Chinese still live in rural areas made up primarily of primitive villages that have not changed much from the way things were during the first-half of the 20th century.

Rural village in China

Up until recently, rural China received the least support to modernize during China’s transition from its dark ages into the modern age.

In October 2009, China’s National People’s Congress, the Politburo Standing Committee and Hu Jintao, the president of China, approved the 11th, Five-Year Plan that focuses on bringing modern infrastructure to improve living conditions in rural China.

Historians and experts have written and said that what China has achieved since 1980 is a miracle that no other nation in history has managed to achieve. No nation has modernized as fast. It took more than a century for America to achieve what China has done in thirty years.

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