How the Past Determines the Future: Part 1 of 2

Before we get to Mao, we’ll discover why #FakePresident Donald Trump lives in the U.S. White House. It started when Richard Nixon declared war on drugs and caused the U.S. prison population to explode until the United States has the largest prison population in the world.  China with more than four times the population has the 2nd largest prison population on Earth but it is a distant 2nd to the United States. Then President Ronald Reagan doubled down on Nixon’s war on drugs and the prison population more than doubled. Reagan also ended the use of the Fairness Doctrine in the media giving birth to the conspiracy-theory generating; hate promoting Alt-Right lying media that generates its own false facts. Reagan claimed the Fairness Doctrine violated free speech. What the Fairness Doctrine did was make it difficult to lie in the media and get away with it.

Why does #FakePresident Donald Trump want to punish immigrants and treat alleged criminals harshly? Watch the video for a possible answer.

The first paragraph is a snapshot of how history leads to what happens in the future.

In fact, understanding how the past determines the future will also help you understand why Mao caused so much suffering with his failed Great Leap Forward and The Cultural Revolution.

How many millions of Chinese were addicted to Western opium forced on China by Great Britain; France and for a short period even the United States during the Opium Wars , 1st war 1839-1842, and 2nd war 1856-1860? To the credit of the U.S., the Congress eventually voted to pull America’s troops out of the 2nd Opium War and gave back the reparations ($$$) China was forced to pay its invaders after losing the war.

“During the nineteenth century, Britain fought two wars of choice with China to force it to import opium. The opium grown in India and shipped to China first by the British East India Company and after 1857 by the government of India, helped Britain finance much of its military and colonial budgets in South and Southeast Asia. The Australian scholar Carl A. Trocki concludes that, given the huge profits from the sale of opium, “without the drug, there probably would have been no British empire.” – 5th

Historians think that 20-to-100-million may have died due to the Taiping Rebellion (1850 – 1864). The Taiping Rebellion was led by a failed Confusion scholar who converted to Christianity and then claimed to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ. He even wrote his own gospel and added it to the Christian Bible.

More than 100,000 Chinese were killed during the Boxer Rebellion (1899 – 1901), which was a popular peasant uprising against Christian missionaries, and the meddling and exploitation of foreigners in China to make money.

Could these wars and rebellions all linked to Christianity and opium forced on China by Western countries have motivated Mao to launch his Great Leap Forward and to declare war on religions in China during his Cultural Revolution?

Part 2 will continue on August 30, 2017.

Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of My Splendid Concubine, Crazy is Normal, Running with the Enemy, and The Redemption of Don Juan Casanova.

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