Internet Security in China

We must be careful not to allow the “free” Western media, which often practices the exaggerations of Yellow Journalism to gain a larger audience share, to turn us into virtual on-line paranoid freaks.

In fact, Americans seldom hear that other nations around the globe also have the same challenges with Internet Security as the US does.

The following newscast from CCTV proves that we are not alone. The Chinese also suffer from virtual viruses and crimes.

It doesn’t take a government-funded agency to create a virus or other Internet threats. Any hacker may do so, and China Internet Watch reported 420 million Chinese Internet users on-line in 2010.

China has a National Computer Network Emergency Response Center. In 2009, the Center said, “Internet security cases have been on the rise in recent years posing severe challenges to information safety (in China).

“Hackers can profit from renting or selling computer information.… This crime has caused over 4.5 billion yuan in losses.”

The Center says, “The number of viruses and assaults launched by hackers number in the tens of thousands and the number of attacks is rising by one-third each year.”

The Ministry of Public Security and State Information Center has launched an exclusive campaign to protect Internet security.

For example, in December 2009, China found eleven guilty in a virus case and sent the defendants to jail for up to three years for their role in creating on-line viruses in east China. This on-line gang reportedly made illegal gains of 646,000 yuan or about 94,600 US dollars.

It was reported that 80 people across China were involved in this crime and more trials were expected.

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