Escaping the Trap that Comes With the Evolution of Civilization – Part 5/5

Guest Post by K. D. Koratsky – Originally published at Living With Evolution. Due to its academic nature, this version has been edited, revised and serialized with permission from the author.

It is through this evolutionary lens, therefore, that the current trends in the West and the East were quite predictable.

For while China had largely embraced flawed socialistic ideas and enacted dysfunctional policies that were counter to evolutionary performance benchmarks, which in turn led to their performance stagnation, America enjoyed a meteoric rise in status by embracing the enlightenment ideals of constitutional democratic republicanism and free-market capitalism that are remarkably well supported by evolutionary principles.

And now, as the West has increasingly allowed a particularly virulent strain of socialistic cultural mutations to set in, reflecting the degree of its previous rise, the degradation in performance has been just as spectacular, leading to what may prove to be the most-rapid regression to the mean for an empire ever recorded.

Meanwhile, it is the East that has increasingly embraced the Enlightenment ideals that led to the rise of the West while the latter simultaneously abandons them.

Rejecting Regress


It is with all this in mind, therefore, that we know the regression to the mean can be overcome at every level of human existence.

Indeed, all one must do is, first, accept that the level of adherence to evolutionary principles will dictate success or failure, and second, fashion all policies around the ideas that stem from this acceptance.

The result will not only be greatest possible level of continued prosperity and survivability for any given individual or group that embraces evolutionary ideals, but the greatest possible level of prosperity and survivability for the human species as a whole.

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K. D. Koratsky is the author of Living With Evolution or Dying Without it: A Guide to Understanding Humanity’s Past, Present and Future. Koratsky also writes a Blog on this subject at Living With Evolution.

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