Four Equals One China—Communist China Continued (Part 2 of 7)

The previous president selected the current president of China. After the selection, the candidate must be approved by the Politburo Standing Committee, which usually has between five and nine members, usually men. They are China’s top leadership. This is where major decisions are made and/or approved. They are the most powerful decision making body in China.

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing

China’s Constitution does not allow anyone to stay a member of the Standing Committee for longer than two, five-year terms and mandatory retirement is sixty-seven. In 2012, all current members will be replaced. Both the national media as well as political watchers abroad closely watch standing Committee members.

Once the candidate for president has been approved, the National People’s Congress votes on the nomination.  The National Congress of China has 2,987 members. Two thousand ninety-nine are members of the Communist party and eight-hundred and eighty-eight do not belong to the Communist Party. They meet in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

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Why is China Studying Singapore?


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