Blaming the Jews—Again!

Hitler blamed the Jews and killed millions. Christians blame today’s Jews for the crucifixion that happened almost two thousand years ago. Many in Islam want to destroy them.

Now, the Mathaba News Network is doing it—blaming the Jews for the world’s financial crisis. Look at the headline Mathaba splashed across a page on their Website about “Currency Wars“, a best seller in China about the current world economic crises, and the picture they use. Both are biased and misleading . Are the writers and editors at Mathaba racists and anti-Semitic?

Cover for "Currency Wars"

“The book’s author, Song Hongbing, claims that behind world-changing events like the battle of Waterloo, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, President Kennedy’s assassination, and the deep recession in Asia during the 1990s stood an intricate conspiracy aimed at increasing Jews’ wealth and influence.”  Huh—the Jewish people are responsible for Hitler’s rise to power?

Reading further, I discovered that the Rothschild family is mentioned as the prime villain. Since when does one Jewish family represent thirteen million people?

I’m not Jewish, but I have Jewish friends, who are not part of a global conspiracy to control the world’s currencies—two of my friends are teachers, another runs a non-profit, and a fourth is a designer, but according to Mathaba’s headline, they are guilty because they are Jews. Who owns Mathaba? Iran.

I’ll tell you the real reasons why “Currency Wars” is a bestseller in China. China hasn’t suffered from the economic crises, and they control their currency. The Chinese want to know how the “masters” did it and learn from their mistakes.

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Lloyd Lofthouse is the award-winning author of the concubine saga, My Splendid Concubine & Our Hart. When you love a Chinese woman, you marry her family and culture too.

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3 Responses to Blaming the Jews—Again!

  1. NN says:

    The Bolshevik revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky was a Jew. They became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Many of them perhaps where in to Theosophic thinking. The Theosophist had its own ideas about understanding the world. The founder of that was Ukrainian.
    They published the book “The Secret Doctrine” 1888
    And don’t forget the Zionists.

    • I probably heard that Trotsky was Jewish. Goes to show us that being in a religoin doesn’t always mean you will fit the stereotype.

      Interesting comparisons to the stereotype that all Jews are greedy capitalists since Bolshevik revolutionaries were the opposite. One of America’s Founding Fathers was Jewish and if it weren’t for him, the Revolution would have failed. He helped raise and fund and spend the money that fed and armed the American Revolution.

      As for religions, my opinion is the world would be better off without any major religions. If a person wants to read the Bible of Koran, he or she should be free to do so and worship as a Deist without going to a church that supports a priest or minister.

      Look at the Catholic Church–the largest landowner in the world and incredibly wealthy besides. With almost a billion members, the Pope has the power of a nation’s leader and meddles in the politics of other nations.

      In addition, if there had been no major religions, think of the millions who would have lived longer lives and the many wars that would not have been fought.

      • NN says:

        I don’t personally think all Jews are greedy or into business. The Romans and the Pope is at least as bad. If they mix up religion and politics the outcome is always bad. Sometimes horrible. The evolution theory must be largest mistake in the modern human time.

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